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Sometimes the best shot is not at all the one you indended it to be. I was on a long trek to the Dorago Rainforest in New South Wales. I checked the forecast and it was supposed to rain. A perfect setting for moody photographs. My first trip to Dorago was spent in splendid sunshine on a family outing, which was not what I wanted for a rainforest shot. Unfortunately, my second attempt at the rainforest ended as the first with sunny skies and high contrast photographs and no photos of this beautiful place. I decided to push on east into New South Wales and see what I could find. With three days of traveling and not getting any "great" shots, I stumbled upon this incredible red truck setting in a paddock. It was my neon sign saying, "hey, shoot me!". I spent the day here while the clouds danced along playing hide-and-seek with the sun and took several shots of this "Retired Farm Hand".
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